Passionate About Learning

Learning magic stirred up my interest in topics like failures of visual awareness and memory, metacognitive errors, cognitive systems, the subjective feeling of free will, the feeling of wonder, and paranormal beliefs. To me, magic is a tool to explore the mind. 

I distrust any individual or institution that discourages curiosity and disagreement. One of the reasons why I abandoned religion is because it does not welcome questions, in fact it is hostile to disagreement (some people have been concerned for my soul because I have chosen to doubt instead of believing). I respect religious people and still value their moral teachings. On the other hand, I sympathize with those who are experiencing conflict because they have dared to ask questions and feel tempted to quit their faith. The transition can be difficult.

I am in favor of independent thinking and against indoctrination. Whenever I see a child asking questions I see the true spirit of education. In my role as a lecturer, I have seen this spirit sunk into a deep coma. Our mission as educators is to preserve the true spirit.


Doctor in Psychology - Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Colombia)

Master in Clinical Neuropsychology - Universidad de San Buenaventura (Colombia)

Psychology - Universidad del Norte (Colombia)


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